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Completed : 2017; 3000 sq.ft.

The main challenge of this project was to transform a dingy and moist basement space into a well lit and comfortable work space. Around 200 sq. ft of built area was sacrificed to create a sunken court in the front from where one approaches the office thereby changing the experience as well as the spatial feel of the office.

It is from here that the design takes off. Having brought in ample natural light into the office we chose to work with a minimal colour scheme of whites and greys with highlights of veneer in the premium spaces. The office consists of an entrance/common premium area of reception, library/lounge and informal meeting space and conference approached from the entrance sunken court. This is followed by an open office area seating 20 people and 4 cabins for senior executives. And finally, a cafe/pantry and the senior advocate's office both overlooking the rear court. Each space is carefully designed to be functional and at the same time elegant and appealing.

The open office space is defined by a suspended ceiling element that guides the linear movement and defines the two wings. Each space is further enhanced by art work specific to the space.

Light & shadow in Entrance Court
Entrance Staircase and Green Wall
View of Sunk Court from Entrance Lobby
Reception and Conference
Ceiling Element
Linear Circulation from Public to Private zone of Office
View from Library
Mini Conference
Entrance Lobby
Conference Room
Open Office Ceiling Element
Open Office
Open Office
Open Office
Exec Cabin 1
Exec Cabin 1
Exec Cabin 2
Exec Cabins from Open Office
MD's Cabin
MD's Cabin with View of Rear Court
Layout and drawings
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