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Completed : 2014; 200 sq.ft.

The design of Shaatika - Sari Boutique was an exercise in understanding how to utilize limited space. The interior dimensions were barely  5m x 3m with and additional area for a display window in the outdoor passage.


As a flagship store for the brand the interiors had to tell the story of the products the store held. Sari’s from all over India, in their ethnic form, handcrafted and unique were to be displayed. The design process needed to symbolize the diversity of styles and textiles and at the same time not compromise on the limited display space.


The main highlight was hence conceived as a mosaic of fabric on an ms frame.  Other elements like  traditional clothe hangers from Bengali houses, Madhubani painted sliding shutters, and an embellished mirror were incorporated to enhance the importance of indian handicraft.

Winner of the Indian Architect and Builder - Young Designers' Competition 2015 in Interior Design category.

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