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OFFICE FOR KERING EYEWEAR, GURGAON (In Association with Studio Borchia, Italy)
Completed : 2019; 1500 sq.ft.

This office was designed as the India headquarters for Kering Eyewear, a luxury multi retailer for eyewear. The concept design was part of a corporate identity designed by Studio Borchia and adapted to the India space and context by Forum Architecture. The design pallette is minimal and white with highlights of aluminium/chrome. 


The display area which is the main public interface of the office is designed as an interactive zone where products can be seen, discussed, sold as well as marketed. The design language remains minimal with only a subtle highlight of wood adding some colour to the space.  

Entrance and Reception
Reception and Conference
Passage and Branding Wall
Display Area
Display and Meeting Area
Customer Zone
Open Office
Executive Cabin
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