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Completed : 2017; 3000 sq.ft.

This project entails interior and furniture intervention for a villa in Noida. The design incorporates space definition through MS members in the ceiling  that combined with wood furniture that work as space dividing partitions as well as storage spaces. Other parts of the project involve detailing and design of all wet areas, wardrobes and fixed furniture.


The design was built around existing furniture that the family owned in order to fit in suitably. Two old cabinets were refurbished to form the main bookshelf and TV unit for the family lounge. Space paritioning was done with furniture in the common areas.

Entrance and Dining
Living room
Furniture Seperator
Entrance Lobby via Furniture Seperator
Ceiling Element as Space Marker
Staircase Railing Element
Furniture Seperator
Upcycled TV Unit
TV Unit
Staircase Element
Staircase Railing
MS furniture Elements
Master Toilet
Master Toilet
Powder Room
Layout and Drawings
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