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Completed : 2018; 2500 sq.ft.

The design of this residence was conceived to be that of muted opulence where an overall minimal classical approach was employed while accents of grandeur were brought in through the offsetting of gold against white.

The clients are an elderly couple and looked to use the house to hold parties and gatherings of friends and family so the idea of a warm space was critical. The aesthetic that they liked was that of classical and ornate furniture.

In order to highlight their taste a muted background was created with white PoP frames on walls and an overall theme of white with some splashes of gold by means of brass members or onyx stone and wood. The main door is a heavy set wood door with brass inlay laid in a pattern that matches the brass inlay in the flooring pattern of the entrance lobby.

The ceiling and lighting was kept contemporary and visually minimal in order to not conflict with the presence of the ornate furniture.

Despite being 2500 sq.ft in size the house only has two bedrooms giving a lot of space to common areas as the sons who live in the floors above tend to spend a lot of time with their parents. The lounge cum dining space , hence becomes the space that is in use the most and becomes the focus of all activity in the house.  A puja area is also included in this space for family gatherings on festivals and other events. The formal living area is designed for more lavish gatherings with guests.

Spatially the entrance lobby divides the house into the more public front for entertaining of guest as well as the guest bedroom and  semi private lounge for family and friends. The couples bedroom becomes part of the most private part of the house and is pushed to the rear. The kitchen is also kept at the back so as for easy access for servicing and seperation of entry for the staff.

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