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Completed : 2018; 2150 sq.ft.

This project entailed interior design of an existing building with a circular plan (designed by Gautam Bhatia) with centralcolumn and radial beams that was made adjacent to the clients' cottage in Ranikhet. The clients, Dr. Lals (of Dr. Lal Path Labs) wanted to convert this unused circular hall into their party area where they could host large parties of 20 people and above next to their summer home in Ranikhet.

The design was done keeping the circular geometry in mind and creating subtle transitions from sectors to abutted curved spaces. The two existing floors were transformed into a living room with a bar area and two bedrooms on the upper floor and a dining area with a den on the lower floor.  Each space was created by using sectors of circles. All the furniture needed to be custom designed and fabricated to fit the arcs of the resultant circles. The design also introduced a verandah on the upper floor next to the living area for a view of the Himalayas in front.

The ceiling design gave prevalence to the radial geometry where the beams were used as a design element that accentuated the radiality of the space. The central column too is celebrated with a lower wooden ceiling feature that forms the focus of the living area.

Live edge furniture was fabricated to have a rustic look and feel. An elegance of minimal design features offsetted by the rustic loose tables was achieved by using muted colors and highlights.

All India Finalist in Residential Interior Design Category at FOAID IdeaNext 2019

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