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Completed : 2018; 1500 sq.ft.

Gaurav Sharma Law Offices- saw a complete break away from traditional design language present in legal set ups. The interiors were designed to be minimal and suave. The over-riding material was mild steel sections that were used in creating the glazed partition of the conference room, the backdrop and imagery of the entrance and reception as well as a ceiling element in the open workspace. This though it constituted an uncommon choice of material for an office became the tying element throughout including being the structure for all the work tables in the open office.

The site was located on the third floor of a commercial building approached by a vertical core. The entrance and reception became the first and only moment of arrival and pause and hence needed to be attractive as well as inviting. The design of the conference adjacent to the reception and visually linked to the common area added to the young, transparent and friendly approach of the office where segregation and hierarchy were not important facets of the work culture. The colour palette throughout was maintained to be grey and white with highlights of rubber wood.

Breaking away from the cubicle format that is prevalent in legal setups common long tables were proposed with rubber wood tops that created a studio like feel to the office. One wall was designed as a wall of books that would accommodate the legal volumes for ready reference but become a part of the visual aesthetic of the office. The linearity of the space was broken by the format of the tables and a small meeting round table in the open office.

At the end of the space, at the termination of the ceiling element is the office of the young lawyer MD of the office. His office too is kept fairly transparent and visually connected. The backdrop of the office is a composition of books and niches in the form of an interesting bookshelf.

This office does away with the formality of a legal practice and makes the workspace friendly, interactive and non hierarchical. The client's energy and drive are represented in the vibrancy of the space and in the simplicity of its aesthetic.

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