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Completed : 2020; 1150 sq.ft.

This store in Chandigarh was challenging as it was double levelled without any spatial connection. The space on the upper floor shared a part overlap with the floor below. A cut out was introduced in the space that connected the lower level to the upper visually as well as by a staircase The display areas of the upper floor were further divided to form a premium display at the end of the entire retail experience.


The display systems have been detailed with thin MS sheets which forms the overall aesthetic language of the store. C shaped elements are designed to hold display rods while niches are also detailed with MS rims. The suspended staircase also exhibits innovative use of MS to form a sleek folded plate staircase. The MS sections that suspend the staircase also work as support for the glass railing resulting in a clean and minimal detail.

01 Occhiali
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08 Occhiali Opticals
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