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Freemans, Corporate HQ, Gurgaon

Completed : 2021; 3200 sq.ft.

The design intent revolves around the company’s ideology and history as oldest manufacturers of measuring equipment in India which are depicted through wall installations and art works. Also to reduce the hierarchal structure and create a healthy work environment concepts such as  transparency and open plan has been used with an increase in flexibility. The spatial zoning for the office is divided into public, semi-private and private from the entrance along a corridor. The spaces are also segregated and categorized according to ceiling material. Such as workspace area has an open ceiling with corrugated sheets at the bottom of slab and hanging lights from them..
There are multiple wall installations such as history timeline at the reception, a word map with marked expansion areas and a graphical representation of company ideology. Also the corridor which runs through all spaces have measurement marking to represent what the company stands for.

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